8 Ways To Not Fall Asleep After Fajr Prayer

Sleep is an essential part of our life where we get the chance to rejuvenate and recharge our energy after a long day of work or school. If we take it for granted, we might fall to the category of late night sleeper. Often this group of people have the difficulty to stay wide awake after Fajr prayer or even worse, they miss the early morning obligatory prayer. Astaghfirullah! There is no verse from the Hadith that states the prohibition of sleeping after Fajr prayer, nonetheless we have some words from Islamic scholars that do stated this habit as dissolute. As quoted from Ibnu Qayyim al-Jauziyyah, Fajr is the best time to go seek for sustenance and it is not encouraged to sleep during that time as it is the time when our deeds will be lifted. Here are some tips to not doze off after Fajr prayer and stay wide awake.

1. Sleep early.
According to Dr Matt Walker, head of the Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab, University of California, the best time to fall asleep at night is between 8pm-12am. This is the optimum time when you will enjoy some quality goodnight sleep. Some people may have the problem to go to bed very early in the evening but hey sleeping is hard when you have so many thoughts going on in your head. You can always encounter this by jotting down what is it in your mind, let all thoughts flow onto the paper not in your mind. Another great tips for optimal bedtime is to make your surrounding comfortable i.e wear socks during sleep, use sleeping eye mask, lit up some aromatherapy candle suggestively lavender scent, check your bedroom temperature, have a warm shower before sleep and drink some warm milk to help you sleep.

2. Take a shower early in the morning, this way will freshen you up and you are all set for the day.

3. Plan your schedule ahead (get excited for tomorrow)
It is important to have some schedule or to-do-list to help you prepare for another day. By writing the time for you to get up, you are subconsciously setting your mind and body to follow your plan.

When you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Well obviously fail to stay awake after Fajr prayer.

4. To actually do what you have planned earlier.
Well this is the substantial thing. Your previous great plan is nothing without this and to add, you will have a small sense of victory by being able to actually accomplished your to-do-list.

5. Make your bed right after you wake up so you will not have the feeling to doze off after Subuh. Well who even want to redo the bed afterwards right? So this is a great tip to stay awake after your morning prayer.

6. Drink some water as soon as you get up. Not only it will freshen you up, it also helps to flush out toxins from your body. It is best to drink lemon infused water for the purpose of detoxification. If there isn’t any, a few glass of plain water will do. It is recommended to drink approximately 500 ml of water during this time. You need water to rehydrate after a long hour of sleep. Furthermore, your brain is made of 75% water, so by drinking water you can prevent from mood fluctuations in the morning. There will be no more Monday blues perhaps.

7. Don’t skip breakfast. It is the highlight of your day. Eat something as simple as fruit or biscuit to fuel up your muscle. Studies also show those who skip breakfast, has a higher tendency to suffer from diabetes.

8. Take qailulah or a short nap before Zuhr. In some research conducted by Sara Mednick PhD, a psychologist from University of Califronia, 60 to 90 minutes afternoon naps help a person to cope and do better in perceptual learning. She also found people who napped performed better on a verbal word-recall task an hour after waking compared with people who took caffeine or a placebo. While caffeine enhances alertness and attention, naps boost those abilities in addition to enhancing some forms of memory consolidation, Mednick notes. In addition, nap helps you to stay awake after Fajr prayer and even get up early for Qiamulail
(night prayer). Our Prophet p.b.u.h. and the companions do practice the Qailulah and encourage the muslim to do the same.

Last but not least, don’t forget to recite your prayers before and after going to sleep. Set your intentions to wake up early for Qiamulail and congregational prayer. May Allah always guide you in the path of being an obedient devotee.

Written by : Rayyan Mohd Zain
Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Organisasi Pembina Shah Alam

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